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“When I started implementing the things we worked on, I got results and I started getting positive feedback from others on my approach in handling different challenges and conflicts within the workplace and in my personal life. My business and personal relationships improved tremendously due to this program and I achieved great clarity in all the different areas of my life. I was able to manage my thoughts and emotions more successfully and respond more positively to people and situations. I learned to truly forgive and let go instead of holding on to resentment which ultimately was hurting me. This experience was very valuable for me and I’m very grateful for it.”

Hameed D.

Attorney & Founding Member of Dakroub Group Law Firm
“I’m so thankful that I got to now you and get insightful coaching sessions with you. I’ve been struggling finding myself especially with all the uncertainty going on today. Your input was so helpful to me and my family. I started to feel like I’m free and I got to be just myself and facing my fears. I would love for you to keep coaching and mentoring me. My wife and I appreciate having you in our life to help us keep going and to be the better version of ourselves.”

Zaid K.

Realtor & Real Estate Entrepreneur
“Before getting coaching with Moe, I wanted to start my own business of online teaching but felt afraid, lost, insecure, doubting myself, not sure what to do or how to do it to make that transition to my own business successful. I felt a connection with Moe & he provided me a safe space to express myself and guide me through my thought processes in a very constructive way so I can move forward and execute on my goals in a very clear way. I was able to work through all my energy blocks that were holding me, got clear on my vision and purpose and I came out with a focused plan to begin my transition into my own business without the paralyzing fear I use to have. I went from being completely stuck to taking massive action.”

Rick Meese

ESL Teacher
“Some of the biggest challenges I had before I took this program were internal conflicts with myself, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, tying my self-esteem to my work, and having trouble to making decisions due to fear of failure because of my past experiences. This program really helped me gain confidence in myself, increase my self-worth, accept outcomes, living as if all challenges were opportunities for growth, overcame my fears and reframe the way I looked at things. Every session was powerful because it provided me the space to go deep within and come up with new breakthroughs and perspectives on leading my life more powerfully and in alignment with my values and long term goals.”

Rola Bazoun


Case studies

Case Study 1

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession):48 year old male insurance agent. Brief description of the client’s goals: Client wanted to increase his sales productivity.

Case Study 2

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Female, 42, Doctor (MD) Brief description of the client’s goals: My client is a recently divorced Dr. with

Case study 3

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Female group, ages 30‐58, stay at home or office professionals. Brief description of the client’s goals: They all