Transforming AMBITIOUS professionals & CORPORATE TEAMS
into purpose-driven extraordinary conscious leaders.

Transforming AMBITIOUS professionals & CORPORATE TEAMS
into purpose-driven extraordinary conscious leaders.

Moe hoteit

Certified Professional Life & Conscious Leadership Coach

Are you ready to elevate yourself to the next level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual mastery?       Are you ready to unleash your ultimate leadership potential in every area of your personal & professional life?

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About Me

My name is Moe Hoteit. I’m here to tell you that you have the ability to become an extraordinary leader, to lead by example and make a bigger impact.

Are you ready to lead powerfully?


I’ve had a lot of experience in dealing with many major personal life challenges and huge career transitions., I’ve managed major multi-million dollar engineering innovations in fortune 500 companies to startups, lead teams in the corporate world for almost a decade, got mentored by elite leaders in the personal development space, as well as worked with hundreds of coaching clients. All of these experiences have given me a very unique and unbeatable edge, and ensured that I have holistic, well-engineered, results-focused processes and frameworks to lean on.

I’ve taken all my expertise and packaged them into comprehensive, step-step implementation programs that meet you where you currently are on your journey, and support you in bridging the gap to where you want to be in your personal and professional lives.

I have designed programs tailored for the beginning stage leaders as well as the advanced stage leaders.

No matter where you are, I gotchu!



“When I started implementing the things we worked on, I got results and I started getting positive feedback from others on my approach in handling different challenges and conflicts within the workplace and in my personal life. My business and personal relationships improved tremendously due to this program and I achieved great clarity in all the different areas of my life. I was able to manage my thoughts and emotions more successfully and respond more positively to people and situations. I learned to truly forgive and let go instead of holding on to resentment which ultimately was hurting me. This experience was very valuable for me and I’m very grateful for it.”

Hameed D.

Attorney & Founding Member of Dakroub Group Law Firm
“I’m so thankful that I got to now you and get insightful coaching sessions with you. I’ve been struggling finding myself especially with all the uncertainty going on today. Your input was so helpful to me and my family. I started to feel like I’m free and I got to be just myself and facing my fears. I would love for you to keep coaching and mentoring me. My wife and I appreciate having you in our life to help us keep going and to be the better version of ourselves.”

Zaid K.

Realtor & Real Estate Entrepreneur
“Before getting coaching with Moe, I wanted to start my own business of online teaching but felt afraid, lost, insecure, doubting myself, not sure what to do or how to do it to make that transition to my own business successful. I felt a connection with Moe & he provided me a safe space to express myself and guide me through my thought processes in a very constructive way so I can move forward and execute on my goals in a very clear way. I was able to work through all my energy blocks that were holding me, got clear on my vision and purpose and I came out with a focused plan to begin my transition into my own business without the paralyzing fear I use to have. I went from being completely stuck to taking massive action.”

Rick Meese

ESL Teacher
“Some of the biggest challenges I had before I took this program were internal conflicts with myself, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, tying my self-esteem to my work, and having trouble to making decisions due to fear of failure because of my past experiences. This program really helped me gain confidence in myself, increase my self-worth, accept outcomes, living as if all challenges were opportunities for growth, overcame my fears and reframe the way I looked at things. Every session was powerful because it provided me the space to go deep within and come up with new breakthroughs and perspectives on leading my life more powerfully and in alignment with my values and long term goals.”

Rola Bazoun

I have known and worked closely with Moe for about 3 years. On a personal level, Moe is dedicated to personal fitness, improvement, and pushing himself for mind and body achievements. When Moe decided to step out on his own to become a personal career development coach, it was not a surprise – he embodies and communicates the skills of dedication, excellence, perseverance, and commitment to excellence for one’s growth. I strongly recommend anyone looking to improve in the business or in life to consider reaching out to Moe.

Jerome Anderson

Senior Director of Product Support at East Penn Manufacturing Co.
I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Moe for 2 years. Moe has had a tremendous positive impact on everyone he has worked with, his self motivation, ambition and determination are contagious. Moe has been someone I’ve been able to consistently rely on and consult – both professionally and personally Moe is one of those people that you just want to surround yourself with positive impact.

Samer Elshafei

Vice President at Navitas Systems, LLC
“I got solutions instead of judgments and blame. He was honest, compassionate, and encouraging which made it easy for me to work through my doubts, struggles, and fears. I was surprised by how much I learned a lot about myself. I know people can’t change or discover themselves overnight but I know we can start somewhere. With a professional like Moe, I know he can help me figure out the tools needed and tailored specifically for me on my journey.”

Amal M

Hair Stylist
“In just one session, Moe was able to bring to light all of the things that were weighing me down, AND provided solutions and coping mechanisms to heal. He created a safe, nonjudgmental environment for me to dig deep as he executed a game plan that helped restore a healthy lifestyle for myself. His expert advice reinstated healthy eating and sleeping habits, while incorporating reasonable physical activity into my daily life. His approach put me on a path of limitless growth and success. The pressure of potentially becoming an emotional liability is off. I cannot wait for my next session!”

Hoda M

Physician Assistant
Mo has been a pleasure to work with over the past couple years. He is one of the most driven and inspiring individuals I have ever met. He is extremely dedicated to bettering himself along with everyone around him on a daily basis. His outlook on life is always so positive and he instills that energy in anyone near him. With all of these strong leadership qualities he still finds a way to put others first. This is absolutely a guy you want in your corner in any situation, awesome person all around.

Vincent Bartoline

National Account Manager / Northeast-Canada RSM at Navitas Systems, LLC
“Moe is an amazing listener and gives good advice from a high perspective of wisdom. I felt motivated, energized, and happy after the session.”

Elias C

Freelance Entrepreneur
“It was a very important time for me on many levels of my life. I gained new ideas for the future that will change the course of my family and career’s life forever. I recommend for everyone to have such a powerful coaching experience, it’s so valuable. Thank you very much for the life experiences you gave me. Much appreciated.”

Ali K

Restaurant Chain Manager
“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your coaching setting. It was really amazing to have this conversation with someone like you. Your coaching is great, you guided me to look for myself what I need to do and what I can do to achieve my goals. Thank you.”

Samar K

Pharmacy Student
“I’m extremely grateful for the very insightful coaching sessions. I feel that I have gained a lot of clarity of ongoing processes that I have been stuck in for a long time and now have concrete steps to assist me out of that cycle. This coaching method helped me feel more confident in myself and motivated to take the next steps to live more freely and with more joy. Thank you!!”

Anne B.

“I was able to become more aware, conscious, and a better listener. I was able to take on new useful practices that improved my life and gave me a better appreciation for everything I have. I feel lighter on my feet as I go through my days with more presence.”

Ahmad D.

“It was very easy to talk to you. The style of questioning and conversation made it easy for me to reflect and identify key triggers. I’m already applying what I learned in my life. Thank you Moe!

Zena J.

I booked a session with Moe and it was one of the most invaluable experiences. Moe is a skilled coach with a very constructive approach. We discussed my time management concerns, procrastination habits, and overworking myself to a point of collapse. Moe shared very practical insights that really helped me to devise an action plan. The session left me very motivated to take action. By implementing the plan that we set during our session, I saw an immediate improvement. I highly recommend Moe.

Darine Hotait

Writer . Film Director . Founder of Cinephilia Productions
Moe is very passionate about what he does. He truly cares about his clients and does everything he can to help strengthen their skills and achieve their goals. He is intelligent, encouraging and motivated to help you succeed. I highly recommend him, as he has truly helped me become a stronger and more successful individual in all aspects of my life.

Linda Baydoun

Student at Creighton University School of Pharmacy
I was struggling with my weight and lack of exercise when I got my consult with Moe. By the end of the consultation, Moe had helped me achieve a better insight on my habits that are holding me back as well as setting up a personalized specific plans for me that would help me. After my session, I felt empowered and in control. I couldn’t stop talking about it. He was amazing. So far sticking to the plan was extremely helpful. I feel Moe helped me in a great way. Thank you Moe.

Mustapha Hotait

Mo is a Very good program Mgr, who has very good people skills, and is willing to help his colleagues. I worked with him for about 6 months during my year at Navitas, and Mo was always respectful, professional and willing to cooperate, then he was moved to support Navitas Sales team as he could assist customers and linked his knowledge with Navitas Engineering team. It was a pleasure working with him.

Rudy Aguilar U.

Vice President @ RAWW LLC. Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing Professional.
Mo is a highly driven individual whom I have come to know professionally quite well over the last two years; he is always striving to help others, better himself, and grow as a person and a professional. Working with Mo has been a pleasure, and I would strongly recommend him in any capacity, as he has the willingness, dedication, and drive to succeed in anything he’s tasked with.

Donna Scampini

Talent Seeker | Certified Recruiting Professional (CRP) | Currently Hiring Mortgage Sales Professionals


Self-Mastery Coaching Program

A 6 month coaching experience for ambitious professionals in the beginning stage of their self-leadership journey. These aspiring leaders have a burning fire and know they are meant for more but may feel stuck due to self-doubts, lack of clarity, and feeling unfulfilled in a certain area of life.

Energy Leadership Development System

A 6-12 months customizable coaching journey for leaders within corporate, as well as entrepreneurs, that are closer to mid-way in their leadership journey. These leaders are ready to make a bigger impact and become more influential on those around them. They want less stress, to get more done in less time and with less effort so they can begin to create more freedom and enjoy their growth.


Advanced COR.E Leadership Dynamics

An Invite-Only 12 months coaching journey for the more advanced leaders within corporate, as well as entrepreneurs that want to master leadership and achieve excellence in all areas of life. COR.E Leadership Dynamics is an advanced systematic and comprehensive program to build and use a leader’s potential in order to optimize performance in all aspects of life and work. 

Monthly Subscription

This service is only available for returning clients. It is to provide a flexible short term, monthly Subscription option. As well as options to take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to uncover the beliefs that are keeping you at resonating at lower levels of your leadership potential. Clients may choose this option to focus on improving in one specific area of their life. If interested in acquiring a monthly coaching Subscription then please Book a consultation so we develop a plan that meets your needs.


Customized workshop solutions to help develop yourself or your team in different areas of leadership such as mindset, emotional intelligence, communication, high performance,  time management, work/life balance, problem solving, conflict resolution, change management, high energy relationships, influencing others, and much more. Book a call for us to discuss your business needs.


Peakology is proud to create adventures with purpose that are open to public as well as private team building retreats. These are magical, unique and authentic experiences local and international that bring together adventure, personal growth, deep connection and impact. Customized Coaching is infused into these adventures for maximum development and integration of the experience. Deep connections are formed on these adventures. Finally, these adventures are designed to make a lasting impact through our non-profit partnerships that give back.