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Case Study 2

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Female, 42, Doctor (MD)

Brief description of the client’s goals:

My client is a recently divorced Dr. with her own practice. Her goals were to improve her work/life balance, self‐care & intimate/social relationships.

Initial Average Resonating Energy Level: 2.59 out of 7

Energy Leadership Assessment & Energy Leadership Development System‐I use the EL assessment as part of the exploration session for certain clients, this client being one of them. I used the ELDS for her first few sessions. We’ve long since finished that, but she is still a client.

During the debrief, she quickly recognized where the Level 1 and Level 2 energy was showing in her life and how it was affecting her and those around her. By helping her to see the interplay between Level 4 and Level 1, and Level 5 and Level 2 she began to notice where those dynamics were playing out and was able to begin making changes from the 1st session forward.

Once she began tapping into her Level 5 energy, she came up with the idea to make her practice more holistic.

In the past, she would strategize changes in her practice, but would then get caught up in Level 1 energy when she didn’t accomplish her goals exactly according to plan. Because she was in “beat up” mode, she would then make no progress at all. Once she was aware of this pattern, she broke it.

Length of time worked with client: 1 year

Client –cited benefits:

  • She has added more holistic therapies to her medical practice, she is enjoying the work more and she has increased her income.
  • She has learned to say no with grace to easily rid herself of, what she stated as, draining personal relationships. She doesn’t feel like she needs to “save” and take care of the men in her life.
  • She has improved in the area of setting appropriate boundaries with her teenagers and her ex‐husband.
  • She has attracted a relationship with a true partner and not someone that she feels she needs to take care of. Someone she can pitch and catch with.

Other notes regarding this client:

She found the EL assessment very interesting and helpful in recognizing things about herself and why she was getting involved in the relationships that she had been involved in.



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