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Case Study 8

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Male, mid‐forties, Mid‐level Management

Brief description of the client’s goals:

Client’s stated goals at the onset of the coaching period were:
1. To shift catabolic energy to anabolic energy by breaking through barriers that caused conflict in his
home life
2. To create greater consistency in his value systems asthey were expressed at work versus with his
3. To become a better communicator

Initial A.R.L.: 3.13

ELDS materials:
1. Created personal mission statement with concentration on understanding needs versus wants and how these relate to satisfaction. Each session ended with assignments geared at recognizing how the client was fulfilling his personal mission statement and evaluating how his values were determining his decisions and choices.

2. Used understanding of level 2 energy to explore dynamics in the client’s personal life. The client was able to appreciate how he had helped construct many win/lose aspects in his life.

3.In removing barriers to success, the coaching sessions were used to enhance communication skills. The client was in a fairly uncommunicative state in his primary relationship and was in a state of shame and embarrassment. Many of the sessions focused on rebuilding communication channels ‐ using intuitive listening techniques, rapport building, and buy‐in. We eventually examined my and their motivations and values to move onto WIIFU evaluation.

4. Used the productivity process and had the client set SMART goals with measurement to review at each session

Length of time worked with client: 6 months

Client –cited benefits:

Each session was started with a review of assignments and a discussion of the progress the client felt he had made. Consistently, the client provided feedback that the sessions were creating a greater awareness of his thoughts and emotions and how both directed his choices and decisions. The client stated that through coaching he had become a more effective leader at work and that his employees were commenting on his ability to help them negotiate difficult challenges and changes that were occurring within the company.

On a personal level, the client was grateful that the coaching had helped him through a major life transition in a manner that allowed him to access his “higher being”. By staying true to his values, the client was able to show love, concern and support through the initials phases of the transition.
The client provided feedback that the Life Potentials Program and the coaching experience were truly life‐altering and felt that he now had greater appreciation for who he is and how he can move forward in his life.

Client – cited ROI (if known):

About a month after the couching relationship came to a close, I checked‐in with the client. He felt that he was continuing to move in the direction he wanted and provided very positive feedback on the coaching relationship we had established.

Other notes regarding this client:

The client offered to be a referral if I so desired.



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