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Case study 3

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Female group, ages 30‐58, stay at home or office professionals.

Brief description of the client’s goals:

They all to one degree of another had goals that meant that they had to be shifted out of negative energy into positive energy in varies areas of their lives OR a shift was needed in energy within a relationship.

I have clients that didn’t want to pay much for coaching due to financial problems, so they were unwilling to purchase products OR do the ELI. I did and will always ask a client to take the assessment for the knowledge of the assessment is priceless.

Length of time worked with client: 1 month to a yr.

Client –cited benefits:

Working on shifting energy inside a relationship has caused 2 of my clients to have a much better relationship with their mothers. Jean ended us loving, understanding and forgiving her mother before she died and Amanda was able to finally forgive her passed away mother. Learning about energy and what is it telling them, looking for the life lesson about themselves and choosing to shift to another level has changed their lives for the better in ALL areas of their lives.

All of this has worked for me also I myself have had a life changing experience using energy leadership, my first ELI was 2.14 and after living the program the next ELI was 3.56.

EL program has changed MY LIFE and I believe in the program and share it with all I meet.

I have to admit I have never known a program could ever change lives such as energy leadership does! I live it, I love it, and my own personal life has changed because of it!



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