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Case Study 1

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession):48 year old male insurance agent.

Brief description of the client’s goals:

Client wanted to increase his sales productivity. His draw was about to end with his company and he would be on full commission the next year. He wanted to increase his income from the current $30,000 to $90,000 by that year’s end.

He was also having marital issues with his wife. She was frustrated with feeling trapped in her job. He was also frustrated because they did not communicate well with each other. He thought they were heading for divorce, though he did not want that to happen especially for the sake of the children.

Initial Average Resonating Level of Energy.: 2.64

A hybrid of core energy coaching and parts of the ELDS were used during my work with this client. The most beneficial parts of the ELDS were segments 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, and 12. Core energy coaching was used to break through the G.A.I.L. identified from the ELI assessment.

Length of time worked with client: 23 months
Ending A.R.L. (if known): Not known.

Client –cited benefits:

  • Landed two major accounts which he had never done before.
  • Sales and productivity significantly increased.
  • Marriage issues and communication greatly improved as he and wife became more engaged with children and each other.
  • His confidence soared and his business grew.
  • His awareness of catabolic/anabolic energy served him well, as he has learned how to shift it within himself.

Other notes regarding this client:

Client ended his coaching because he had gotten so busy with his business that he didn’t have time for coaching. He was well pleased with his results from working with me and felt good about continuing on his own.



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