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I have known and worked closely with Moe for about 3 years. On a personal level, Moe is dedicated to personal fitness, improvement, and pushing himself for mind and body achievements. When Moe decided to step out on his own to become a personal career development coach, it was not a surprise – he embodies and communicates the skills of dedication, excellence, perseverance, and commitment to excellence for one’s growth. I strongly recommend anyone looking to improve in the business or in life to consider reaching out to Moe.

Jerome Anderson

Senior Director of Product Support at East Penn Manufacturing Co.
I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Moe for 2 years. Moe has had a tremendous positive impact on everyone he has worked with, his self motivation, ambition and determination are contagious. Moe has been someone I’ve been able to consistently rely on and consult – both professionally and personally Moe is one of those people that you just want to surround yourself with positive impact.

Samer Elshafei

Vice President at Navitas Systems, LLC
“I got solutions instead of judgments and blame. He was honest, compassionate, and encouraging which made it easy for me to work through my doubts, struggles, and fears. I was surprised by how much I learned a lot about myself. I know people can’t change or discover themselves overnight but I know we can start somewhere. With a professional like Moe, I know he can help me figure out the tools needed and tailored specifically for me on my journey.”

Amal M

Hair Stylist
“In just one session, Moe was able to bring to light all of the things that were weighing me down, AND provided solutions and coping mechanisms to heal. He created a safe, nonjudgmental environment for me to dig deep as he executed a game plan that helped restore a healthy lifestyle for myself. His expert advice reinstated healthy eating and sleeping habits, while incorporating reasonable physical activity into my daily life. His approach put me on a path of limitless growth and success. The pressure of potentially becoming an emotional liability is off. I cannot wait for my next session!”

Hoda M

Physician Assistant

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Case study 4

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Approximately 50, Female, comptroller for small firm. Brief description of the client’s goals: Clarity with respect to possible

Case study 5

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Female, divorced but dating, 52 years old, former executive who was at that time unemployed. Brief description of

Case study 6

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Client is a single mother in her mid 50’s who is raising her daughter after surviving a messy