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Case study 5

Client details (Approximate age, gender, profession): Female, divorced but dating, 52 years old, former executive who was at that time unemployed.

Brief description of the client’s goals:

Life Integration – having her career be an extension of what she values in life, balanced work‐social life.
Spiritual Development – create a deeper connection with and commitment to spiritual dimension of life.
Improve Relationship – particularly with her young adult son

Initial Average Resonating Energy Level: 2.48 out of 7.

The client took the ELI and had a debrief session shortly thereafter. We worked together using 1:1 coaching session over a six month period of time. She purchased an ELDS and together we worked through the Segment 1 & 3 and the client worked on Segments 2 & 4 as self‐study at home but brought to the session any issues that come to awareness that she wanted coaching support around. In Segment 1, the client created a very powerful personal mission statement that she used frequently to help keep her on track with what she wanted to create in her life.

Once those foundational segments were completed, we used her results from the self‐assessment tool in Segment 3 to design her leadership self‐mastery program (Segments 5‐12). Over the course of the next few months, she worked through each section (she was very diligent about completing her assignments) making note is the margins identifying those issues, concerns, questions, GAIL’s, negative core beliefs that arose in the process of working through the segment exercises. When we met for our sessions we would focus on those items and explore how they were impacting her life now. I sought every opportunity to help her learn how to shift her energy level by shifting her perspective. She was very receptive to this and made some major internal changes that began to outpicture in her life in positive ways.

The client landed a job as an the Assistant Executive Director, which aligned with her career goals and life values, her relationship with her son improved greatly because she was able to shift out of Level 1 & 2 energy, learning to take better care of her physical and emotional health, which caused her son to shift from Level 1 & 2 to Level 3, where he began to take responsibility for his own life. Finally, she develop a deeper connection with her spiritual source and was able to forgive her past and more forward with great joy, enthusiasm and passion for her life.

Length of time worked with client: 4 intensive months of weekly sessions and two monthly sessions thereafter.

Client –cited benefits:

The client cited several intrinsic benefits included:

1) Awareness and understanding the energy levels and how they impacted her level of consciousness,

2) Learning how to shift her energy by shifting her thoughts and perspective,

3) By releasing catabolic energy, she was able to respond better to challenging situations,

and 4) Her ability to be “at choice” increased significantly.

Extrinsic benefits included:

1) New more satisfying job,

2) improved relationships not only with her son but with her boyfriend and his teenage children,

3) Improved meditative practice and a recommitment to daily journaling,

and 4) Created more mindful balance between her work life and social life.

Client – cited ROI (if known):

The client stated that she had taken many workshops, seminars and retreats, she had read many self‐improvement books, she even attended 12 step meetings for several months prior to our work together, but said this was by and large the best investment in herself that she had ever made.

Other notes regarding this client:

The client determined during our work together that she wasn’t really an alcoholic but was using alcohol to quiet her Gremlin and Inner Critic. Once these were quieted and she reclaimed authority for her life, she was able to have an occasional drink without abusing it. She stopped attending AA meetings and felt free from the burden of calling herself an alcoholic. I talked with her a couple of weeks ago, after several months had passed since we last met, and she was doing great!



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