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From stuck to massive action

A 6 month coaching journey for ambitious professionals who aspire to lead a more authentic, passionate and purposeful life.

This program provides you with a proven step by step roadmap that’ll help you awaken and unleash your inner leader.

EVEN if you struggle with lack of clarity, lack of confidence, fears and self-doubts, overwhelm, perfectionism, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Are you ready to bullet proof your mindset, get clear on your vision, align with your purpose, and close the gap on your dream life?



  • Sick of feeling lost and unsure about the next steps.
  • Struggling with fear of failure, imposter syndrome, self-doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Feeling guilty, stressed and anxious that you aren’t where you thought you would be in your life and career by now.
  • Find yourself distracted and wasting a lot of time.
  • Stuck in analysis paralysis due to overwhelm & lack of confidence.
  • Perfectionism tends to get the best of you and slow down your execution.
  • Tired of feeling unfulfilled in your work. 
  • Sick of feeling like you’re not being supported by the people around you.

Hi! I’m Moe

Hi! I’m Moe Hoteit.


Trust me, I’ve been through this.

I emigrated to the United States to build a better future and get access to better opportunities. I went to a competitive engineering and business school, graduated with honors in engineering and management, worked at multiple fortune 500 and startup engineering companies, managed and lead multi-million dollar innovative engineering product developments.

And for almost a decade, I chased the corporate dream and climbed high in title and compensation.

…But I found myself still lost, unfulfilled and bored in the work I was doing. Deep down, I knew I was meant for something greater and that I was settling. It wasn’t until I did the deep work that I’m about to share with you that I transformed myself into a leader of my own destiny.

I’m here to tell you that you have the ability to create & lead the external life you desire by decoding and mastering your internal world.


“When I started implementing the things we worked on, I got results and I started getting positive feedback from others on my approach in handling different challenges and conflicts within the workplace and in my personal life. My business and personal relationships improved tremendously due to this program and I achieved great clarity in all the different areas of my life. I was able to manage my thoughts and emotions more successfully and respond more positively to people and situations. I learned to truly forgive and let go instead of holding on to resentment which ultimately was hurting me. This experience was very valuable for me and I’m very grateful for it.”

Hameed D.

Attorney & Business Owner





  • No fears, limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors holding you back anymore…
  • Leading a life and career that is in complete alignment with who you are…
  • Tapped into your fullest potential that deep down inside, you know exists…
  • NO MORE sitting on the sidelines of your own life and settling for good enough…
  • NO MORE job that’s killing your dreams and instead you LEAPT with faith into the next level version of you…




I know you might also be

  • Scared about stepping into the unknown.
  • Nervous because you don’t have a CLEAR IDEA YET of what a purposeful life looks like for you.
  • Worried you don’t have what it takes.
  • Terrified of others judging you for choosing a new path instead of sticking to the “traditional safe” path.


I’m here to not only help you align with your purpose, craft an aligned holistic vision for your future, and bust all your fears and toxic thought patterns, but I’m also here to help you come up with a detailed and organized plan that will help you close the gap in transitioning mindfully into leading the life you desire. Together, we’ll create a highly effective life & career strategy that is 100% aligned with your vision and values so you can take the leap with full faith and confidence in your own success on that journey.


“Before getting coaching with Moe, I wanted to start my own business of online teaching but felt afraid, lost, insecure, doubting myself, not sure what to do or how to do it to make that transition to my own business successful. I felt a connection with Moe & he provided me a safe space to express myself and guide me through my thought processes in a very constructive way so I can move forward and execute on my goals in a very clear way. I was able to work through all my energy blocks that were holding me, got clear on my vision and purpose and I came out with a focused plan to begin my transition into my own business without the paralyzing fear I use to have. I went from being completely stuck to taking massive action.”

Rick Meese

ESL Teacher


  • You are an ambitious professional, that’s an aspiring leader, with a burning fire inside but currently feel stuck, unclear and unfulfilled in your current role
  • You know you are meant for something bigger and are ready to channel your fire in the right direction to start leading a life of purpose and make a bigger impact.
  • You are ready to leave your fear-based self-sabotaging thoughts & behaviors in the dust, and level up your positive mindset.
  • You are ready to say goodbye to imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, perfectionism, overwhelm, and distraction.
  • You are ready to be honest with yourself and step outside your comfort zone for real change to happen.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself, commit with all your heart to do the work and show up for YOU.


  • You want to stay stuck and keep sabotaging yourself into believing that you are not worthy of creating and living the life you truly desire.
  • You don’t see the value in investing in yourself by hiring a personal coach that has proven and tested strategies that would help you get to where you want to go much faster.
  • You want quick-fix solutions to your problems and want me to hand you all the answers without you doing the work.
  • You are someone that likes to make excuses, not willing to trust the process nor commit from start to finish.
  • You are always waiting for “the right time” and love to overthink everything.

So, if you KNOW you are ready to take the leap to your next level, then buckle up!


When you invest in yourself, you will receive the following program...

You’ll learn scientifically tested and proven tools and methodologies that were created and developed from areas and fields such as consulting, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, reiki, mentoring, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, NLP, adult learning theories, emotional intelligence and leadership development.

What’s included inside the program

Welcome Pack

You will receive a welcome email with everything you need to begin our journey together.

6 Months Of
Customized Coaching

We will be spending 6 months on this journey together. You will have full access to receive support through our sessions and email.

12 x 1:1 Sessions (1 hr)
12 x 1:1 Check-ins (15 min)

We are going to have 12 (1 hr each) x 1:1 biweekly coaching sessions. We will also have 12 (15 min) x 1:1 biweekly accountability sessions in between the longer sessions.


This session is for us to align on your goals for the program so we can track your progress towards these goals and be more effective.

Limiting beliefs are ideas you learned and accepted about yourself, about your world, about other people, about situations, and about life in general that hold you back from success and stop you from getting what you want. Your beliefs control your thoughts, decisions, behaviors- and your destiny. In this session, we are going to overcome these energy blocks.

Assumptions are beliefs we create because of a past experience that held a heavier emotional charge. We begin to believe that because something happened in the past, it is automatically going to happen again.Assumptions tend to hold you back because they block you from accessing more of your energy to create.

What triggers you is due to your interpretations. Your interpretations are stories created by your mind based on your parental and societal conditioning. These stories are unconsciously created about an event, situation, experience, people, etc. It’s critical to uncover your triggers and learn how to manage them so they don’t block your success energy.

An inner critic lies within every one of us. You know that voice in your head? That voice that tells you not to try, not to take a risk, always play it safe, and to compromise your life by playing small. In this session, you will finally understand  how to control this voice vs letting it control you.

In this session, we will dissect your story in a way you’ve never done before so you can own it vs it owns you. You will finally be able to let go of a lot of baggage you’ve been holding onto so you can move forward to creating the future you desire without all that weight on your shoulders. 

Values – the principles you live by – are also a product of the experiences you’ve had. Your family, your religion, and your community all influence your values. You are driven by your values, yet those values may not reflect what you really want out of life. They may only be the things you were taught that you want. In this session, we will eliminate values that no longer serve you, and we will create conscious values for you to live by that will lead you to your desired life.

How many times have you been told that you must work on your weaknesses? That’s a huge myth that won’t get you far. Yes, you want to be aware of your weaknesses so you plan accordingly, but you want to focus on amplifying your strengths. In this session, we will uncover your superpowers so you can begin to align with your natural gifts and use them effectively to get to where you want to go much faster.

Without a clear life vision, an extraordinary life is completely impossible for you. Getting clarity on your vision for every area of your life is critical so you can begin to steer your ship in the right direction, and make better decisions that get you there faster. We will also create your ideal image of who you desire to become.

Your purpose is the key to your success. Your purpose gives you endless motivational energy to move forward towards what you desire despite all the challenges you may face. When you align with your purpose, your life truly begins.

Two major factors are constantly shaping your reality. Your beliefs and your habits. In this session, you will be exposed to new beliefs systems and systems of living (habits) so you can upgrade yourself to an elite level of life and performance. 

The quality of your daily emotions dictate the quality of your overall life. Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand, and have greater awareness of how your thoughts and feelings connect with your behaviors, as well as the ability to manage and express your emotions appropriately. Every emotion is a signal that you must understand and learn to manage so you gain ultimate power over our lives.

Here, you learn how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to go by at least x2-3 the speed. We will create an effective and organized plan that is results focused and easily executable without all the stress and overwhelm.


$3,500 USD

payment plan available



“Some of the biggest challenges I had before I took this program were internal conflicts with myself, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, tying my self-esteem to my work, and having trouble to making decisions due to fear of failure because of my past experiences. This program really helped me gain confidence in myself, increase my self-worth, accept outcomes, living as if all challenges were opportunities for growth, overcame my fears and reframe the way I looked at things. Every session was powerful because it provided me the space to go deep within and come up with new breakthroughs and perspectives on leading my life more powerfully and in alignment with my values and long term goals.”

Rola Bazoun

Senior Engineer


There are no refunds. You are expected to be fully committed to this process to get results. You must cut sources of retreat and refunds is one of them.

During the onboarding phase, we will agree on a time that works best for both of us for our 1:1 sessions. Sessions will be over Zoom.

You must give at least 24 hr notice to reschedule your sessions or you lose that session.

Our biweekly full sessions are 1.5 hrs. Outside of that, expect to put another 2 hrs per week for best results. 

There is no such thing as the right time. If it’s a priority for you, then it’s the right time. This type of work will give you back control over your time because you will start moving with clarity, confidence and purpose.

It’s totally normal to feel this way. You are investing in yourself. The more you invest in your development, the more value you will have, the more money you will begin to earn. Schedule a call to make sure this is the right coach for you.